Luxury Villas In Goa

Panoramic views of the sea, swaying palm trees, golden beaches, awesome food and drinks, hot party scene, beautiful churches and historic buildings, hills, forests, and waterfalls… Goa is undoubtedly one of India’s top tourist destinations.

The state is emerging as a hot real estate market as well, thanks to the Indians from Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and even NRIs (non-resident Indians) and PIOs (people of Indian origin) investing their money here, buying luxury villas in Goa, apartments, and houses. Goa has been a popular destination with the foreigners for decades. Many visit the state and stay for months on long-term vacations. There is also growing interest among them to buy property here and make Goa their second home.

Goa’s property market includes luxury goa villas for sale and houses in the north and south, in the big cities of Vasco da Gama, Panaji and Margao, and in the interior villages too. You will find many beachfront and waterside properties as well. There are also apartments in large complexes and stand-alone individual buildings, and heritage, old colonial Portuguese houses in Goa, structures that have been wonderfully refurbished.

Luxury Villas in Goa

Life In A Goa Luxury Villa

Villa living in Goa is the ultimate experience. This is why many are moving away from the cluttered, noisy and polluted cities and preferring to live in Goa. It can be your permanent base or accommodation for holidays. Many also rent away their villas in Goa to make decent money.

Luxury Villas In South Goa

Luxury Villas in South Goa

Luxury villas and houses in the south include those in Cavelossim, Colva, Benaulim, and other places. These are some of the most popular beaches in the south. You will also find houses and apartments in the city of Margao, which is the commercial and cultural capital of Goa, and the state’s second biggest city. Typically, beach front and river front properties cost more. The price also depends on the neighborhood, total area, and the age and quality of construction.

Most people who buy a villa or apartment in the south want it as their second home. Some of them have moved in, and others spend a few months every year in their villas, enjoying the leisurely and easy-going lifestyle.

Luxury Villas In North Goa

Luxury Villas in North Goa

There are many bungalows for sale in Goa, old houses, and villas in the north as well. You will find them in Arpora, Vagator, Anjuna, and at other places. The Baga-Candolim-Calangute stretch is the most popular beach with Indian tourists. Most foreigners tend to prefer Anjuna, Ashwem, and Vagator, but you will still find many of them in the stretch as well. North Goa is more commercial, and so the prices are higher. It is more of a rental market compared to the south.

Luxury Villas In Central Goa

Vasco da Gama and Panaji, the two cities comprise central Goa. The Goa International Airport and the port are located in Vasco. Panaji is Goa’s administrative capital. There are fewer villas here compared to the north or south, but there are many nice old colonial houses and Goa homes on sale here. There are apartments too you can purchase.

Features And Amenities

Expect some of the best features and amenities, promising luxurious opulence, compared to any villa in any corner of the world. This can be your home away from home on a weeklong vacation, or you can move to Goa to live the life of luxury. Many even rent out their private villas. There is huge demand for luxury villas in Goa, especially in the peak season. They are fully booked months in advance.

  1. Choose from 1-bedroom to 6-bedroom villas to buy
  2. Private property, en-suite air-conditioned bedrooms
  3. Large balconies with sitting
  4. Large private swimming pool
  5. Beautiful lounge area
  6. Some properties have gardens running down to the sea
  7. Beachside villas offer spectacular views of the sea
  8. Private beach access
  9. Big private swimming pool
  10. Patio/outdoor sitting area
  11. Internet access
  12. Modern furniture
  13. Power backup/Inverter
  14. Fully equipped kitchen
  15. Microwave, toaster, coffee maker
  16. Paintings, decorations
  17. Big bathrooms, modern faucets
  18. Night guard/private security
  19. Very good neighborhood – on the beach or close to the sea

Many of these features and amenities are already present in the villas for sale, or can be easily introduced. They are almost ready for you to start living or renting out. We have many modern luxury villas and old colonial structures that have been wonderfully refurbished.

Look at the old houses for sale in Goa, apartments, and villas, click each individual property to learn the details – key features, materials used, size, location, map, and also see pictures of the property. Do not hesitate to contact us for any queries or for a visit to see the property.

Top 9 Tips For Buying A Luxury Villa In Goa

  1. The Trend – Understand the trend in the market and what people are looking at. The popular categories will cost more. Also consider why you want to buy the Goa villa. Do you want to live there, or would you rather rent it off? The choice of location and kind of property you need will depend on this.
  2. Personal Choice – Of course, your personal preferences will also matter. Many like modern swanky villas with the most contemporary amenities, but there are people who want old heritage properties. There are many properties in Goa from the Portuguese times, and the architecture there is distinct.
  3. Location – This will certainly be a key determining factor. Most buyers like a beachfront Goa home, but be ready to pay more for them. There are also many waterfront properties in Goa, beside the rivers. Central Goa can be a nice choice if you want to stay in a city for its conveniences and select a location that is halfway between the north and south. This way, the beaches of both north and south Goa will be close to you.
  4. Examine Each Corner – You will certainly want to investigate the villa personally before buying. Look at every corner closely, particularly if it has remained shut for a long time. Look inside the rooms, windows, parking, and even the garden.
  5. The Interior – Many Goa villas and beach houses have great outdoors with beautiful lawns, sitting areas, trees, and flowering plants, which impress most people. But do not forget to look at the interiors too. Do you have enough bedrooms for the family? Are they of the right size? Are there balconies?
  6. Age, Condition Of The Property – Modern villas usually cost more. But old properties of heritage value can sometimes cost even more. Ask for the property age, and also check its condition closely. Do you have to invest a lot of money in remodeling or carrying out renovations?
  7. Estimate The Potential Of Renting Out – Do an estimate of how much it can fetch if you are planning to rent out the villa. How far away is it from the popular beaches? Are there nightclubs, bars, restaurants, pubs, grocery stores nearby? Are most tourists Indians or foreigners?
  8. The Selling Price – Property prices mostly go up. The demand for real estate in Goa is going up consistently in the last few decades. So if you want, you can sell off the villa as well in the future at a profit. But how much can you get? Speak to a few locals, and find out the property price movements. Try to get a forecast of the price after 10-15 years.
  9. The Right Agent – Always work with the right real estate agency that offers the full service, which includes understanding your requirement, helping you find the right property, weighing the pros and cons, negotiations, preparing the documents, legal help, and a brokerage firm that also helps you comply with all state and local government regulations.

7 Things To Check Before Buying A Goa Villa

  1. Approval, Licenses – Verify the paperwork after zeroing in on a property. This includes the approved building plans, environmental clearance, local body approvals, completion certificate, and the property tax receipt. Also, take a look at the land title to find out whether the builder purchased the land or just has the development rights for it. Do also verify the land use. Agricultural lands cannot be sold in Goa.
  2. Banks Willing To Finance – After confirming the approvals, find out whether any bank can finance the buy. There are builders who do not get bank loans themselves. Of course, this is relevant for a newly constructed villa.
  3. The Total Cost – There can be additional costs, apart from what you pay for the property, such as the service tax, parking, club membership fee, especially for an apartment in a community. Ask for the properties final cost.
  4. Verify The Builder – If it is builder-developed, then verify the past and current projects. Ensure that the land is not currently under litigation.
  5. Size – For apartments, builders usually mention the super built-up area. This will be more than the actual square foot because super-built also includes the lobby, staircase, etc. For a villa, check the carpet area, the total ground area, and also the swimming pool if any.
  6. Infrastructure – Are big infrastructure projects coming up in the area? If yes, then the price will certainly go up. Developments lined to the location will certainly give you a better return and even higher rental income. How well connected is it? Do you like the neighborhood?
  7. Registration – You have to register the properties with the concerned authority after the purchase. So always register the sale deed. You will become the lawful owner only after this.

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